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Helpful Tips When Preparing For The Hurricane Season


Now that we are months away from the hurricane season, a lot of people are now preparing their families and homes for this dreadful calamity. Preparing for the hurricane season can save lives, properties, and businesses.


In this article, we will be discussing some factors that you must consider when preparing for the hurricane season.


-              Determine the hazards in your community.


-Check for nearby bodies of water that could easily flood your area.


-Check if there are trees that could fall when a hurricane strikes.


-Look for safe areas that you can use in the even of a hurricane. Check out the facts as discussed here at https://www.fsginspections.com/water-leak-detection/ too.


-See to it that you are informed when it comes to the safe areas that will serve as  hurricane shelters.


-Get in touch with your insurance agent and see to it that you and your properties are insured.


-Look for escape routes inside your home


-It is a good idea to have friends, family members, or someone you trust that lives outside your region. You will need their help in the event of a hurricane.


-If you have pets, see to it that they are safe. You may place them in a kennel to make sure they will be unharmed. This will also allow you to easily travel with them.


-Prepare to save or list down important phone numbers like your business contacts, insurance claims office, damage restorations specialists, fire stations, etc.


-Make sure that you have an emergency disaster kit that is complete with first aid supplies. This should include medicines, water, food that are non-perishable, matches/ lighters, small radios, maps and many others.


Restoring destroyed homes and properties will bring a lot of stress and frustration. To avoid this from happening, it is also very important that we protect our homes and other properties. This will eventually save you time, money, and energy after the hurricane season.


How do we protect our properties?


  1. Invest on hurricane shutters and place them in areas that have glass. If there are no shutters available, you can always use plywood.


  1. Secure your belongings that can easily be damaged like furniture, out door gas tanks, appliances, etc.


  1. See to it that all your vehicles have full tanks of gas. Once this is secured, make sure that you place them inside your garage or other storage facilities.


  1. If your home has more than one level, move all your belongings to the upper level. Keep your belongings away from your home's windows.


Feel free to use this article as your guide when preparing for the hurricane season and your future self will be very grateful. Preparing for any calamity is the key to survival. Read on for facts on windstorm mitigation inspection.